i'm on hiatus

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Welp, I hoped it would never have to come down to this, but I have to make the tough decision of closing this blog. My muse is just gone. It really pains me to say it, but no matter how hard I try to get back in the groove it just doesn't stay. Nonetheless, Mark will always be my baby and I will never forget all the good times I've had and the wonderful friends I've made with him and this fandom when it was just beginning. Maybe some day I'll return if by some miracle my muse for this specific character resurfaces, but for now I will be retreating to my personal blog as well as my OC blog I hope to make active soon. I'm still very much into roleplaying and would love to interact with both new and old people within this fandom or any other apocalyptic-themed roleplayers. Just hit me up if you're interested! But yeah, this is it for me on this blog; maybe permanently. I'll miss you.